Our master herbalists and nutritionists extract the most out of each ingredient, assuring you of integrity, potency and purity.

Specialized Processes

Liquid Phytocaps

Botanica Liquid Phytocaps offer the power of a liquid herb with the convenience of a capsule. Dual extraction technology helps deliver the broadest spectrum of herbal constituents: Supercritical CO2 extraction for fat-soluble constituents, and water and alcohol extraction for water-soluble constituents. This ensures that the extract contains the full spectrum of plant compounds.

All of the herbs used in Botanica Liquid Phytocaps are organic or eco-cultivated, depending on the herb. Before harvest, samples are tested with High Performance Liquid Chromatography to ensure the herb is at peak therapeutic activity.

Each herb is received in its whole, fresh form, and is tested to ensure correct species and identity. The herbs are then further tested for potency and purity, including for contaminants, such as herbicides, pesticides, molds, microbes, aflatoxins, and heavy metals.

Individual whole herbs are soaked in GMO-free alcohol and water for a specific period of time, depending on the herb. When all plant constituents are dissolved into the solvent, the plant matter is then separated out.

The remaining liquid extract then goes through a rotary evaporation machine, using low temperature and pressure methods to remove the alcohol and concentrate the herbal extract further. This allows for the desired marker compounds to be measured, resulting in a high-potency, alcohol-free extract.

When necessary, supercritical CO2 extraction is then used for the herbs containing precious volatile oils, to gently capture and extract them from the plant. These supercritical extracts further enhance the potency of the formulation.

The last step followed by encapsulation using vegetarian capsules involves re-testing to ensure purity and potency before encapsulation. From start to finish, no chemicals are used in the process of making our premium liquid phytocaps.