Our master herbalists and nutritionists extract the most out of each ingredient, assuring you of integrity, potency and purity.

Specialized Processes

Fermented Botanicals

Botanica's unique fermentation process produces bioavailable phytocompounds and maximize the potency of the herb, bringing you the benefit of the plant in its most bioavailable form. The final product contains beneficial bacteria, B vitamins, and organic acids, which help support digestion and immunity.
Botanica's range of Fermented Botanicals

All of the herbs used in our fermented Botanicals are certified organic. Each herb is harvested at its peak therapeutic activity.

The herbs are tested for purity, including for contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, molds, microbes, aflatoxins, and heavy metals.

Each herb is first made into a tea, and combined with a unique SCOBY (a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria). Organic sugar is then added to begin the fermentation.

The fermentation process takes several months, allowing the beneficial yeast and bacteria in the SCOBY to pre-digest and transform the full spectrum of plant nutrients. 100% of the sugar is consumed during this process, and the final product contains zero calories.

The fermentation transforms the herbs into their most bioavailable forms, maximizing the absorbability of all the phytonutrients. During this process additional antioxidants, B vitamins, enzymes, organic acids and probiotics are also created. Even those with weakened digestive systems can benefit from these bioavailable compounds.

Once the process is complete, testing is performed to ensure the potency and purity of the final product. The Fermented Botanical is then bottled in dark amber glass jars, to protect the microorganisms from damage by light.