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6 Immune Boosting Tips to Give the Flu the Cold Shoulder.

I love the fall season. The colorful trees, leaves everywhere. Turkey dinners and fresh outdoor hikes. However the shorter, greyer, colder days mean the beginning of the cold and flu season. As an herbalist and a mom, I know that prevention is key and that means preparing our bodies for optimal health, so that our immune systems are ready for whatever might come our way.

Why We Need sleep. And Natural Lifestyle Tips to Sleep Better.

A sound sleep is something many of us take for granted, until a couple nights of compounding sleeplessness sets in, affecting our decision making ability, thinking capacity and energy during our waking hours. An occasional restless sleep is tolerable and perhaps even serves a higher purpose to illuminate areas in our lives needing more attention....

Why Coconuts are a Superfood: The Best Uses and the Benefits

Look around you in your local health food store, and it may seem as if a wide variety of coconut products are taking over. Coconut oil. Sugar. Milk. Water. Aminos. Cream. Shredded coconut. Coconut flour. Fiber. Chips. Coconut vinegar and now even coconut protein. But it’s not just a fad; there is merit behind the rise of the humble, fuzzy nut. Because of their versatility, and the wide range of benefits coconut products are here to stay.

5 Tips for Weight Management: Hacks to Get Closer to Your Ideal Weight

Old school weight management was exclusively a reflection of the “calories in, calories out” equation and has been widely disproved by research. Certainly, changes in activity levels, due to injury for instance, and changes in calories, such as indulging in sweet foods while on vacation, can shift our weight “set-point” temporarily. However, this should be easily remedied by returning to old (good regular) habits. Moving your internal set-point to reshape your body can be much trickier and involves a multifactorial approach,

6 Tips for Better Digestion

Digesting food is a complex affair that involves five organs (stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine, and large intestine) and even our brain. In a perfect scenario the food we take in is gratefully received by our bodies and processed effortlessly, but digestive issues and complaints are fairly commonplace and a leading cause of medical visits....

6 Steps to Beat the Low Energy Blahs

Not sure how you’re going to make it through another busy day? Maybe you get a quick boost from your morning coffee but then fall prey to the afternoon slump and reach for something sweet or grab an energy drink to keep you going.

Cleanses: Get the Help and Skip the Harm

There are so many different natural cleanse kits and programs to choose from, it can be a highly confusing subject, especially if you haven’t studied natural health and have little time to read books or surf the web for credible information.