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Best herbs for weight loss

Botanica’s clinical herbalist, Charity Parkinson, shares her 5 favourite herbs for weight management Weight management and weight loss may be top of the list as goals for many of us this year. The truth is, there are different ways to get there, since one size does not fit all. The theory that if calories taken...

Not Just For Men: 5 reasons Why Women Need Protein Too.

For many years, protein was synonymous with men, masculinity and muscle builders. That image and attitude is thankfully changing. Protein, is critical for all of us and proper intake is essential for not only our muscle development and repair, but also our brain, nervous system, immune system, endocrine system and all of our organs as...

A Brief History of Protein Supplements

Protein is an essential macronutrient and the building block of all of our cells. It makes up our muscle mass, plays a critical role in our immune system development, hormonal functioning, cellular repair and enzyme functions and more.

Why Fermented Foods: Breaking Down the Benefits.

Fermentation uses microbes to alter the chemistry of the food to make them less susceptible to damage. Friendly yeasts and bacteria begin the process of digesting the sugars within the foods, creating acids that prevent spoilage from non-probiotic microbes. These acids give fermented foods their characteristic tang and provide a number of benefits to our digestive system and immune health.

5 Proven Chronic Inflammation Beaters

“Inflammation is the silent killer” was a title first used by Time magazine back in February 2004. Many years later we continue to learn more about it and why lowering chronic inflammation is essential for good health.

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

We are now well into the winter months and perhaps feeling a little sluggish, moody or even depressed. Less sunlight and shorter daytime hours often keep our melatonin production higher and our serotonin levels low. So it’s natural to feel a little more tired and less energetic, but there are definitely things that we can...