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Why Is Turmeric Good For You?

Have you noticed a distinct yellow hue popping up in many smoothies and drinks lately? This gorgeous colour is coming from one place – the incredibly healthy and incredibly trendy food, turmeric. By now many of you may be wondering: Why is turmeric good for you? Turmeric may seem new and hot, but it’s actually...

Superfoods You Need to Introduce Into Your Diet

Have you ever had foodie envy? Have you looked over at your friend’s or colleague’s incredible lunch and thought “I don’t even know what most of those foods are”? That’s okay, we’ve all been there. Your foodie friend and your health food junkie colleague all started exactly where you are – wanting to know more....

A Day of Fermented Foods

I love love love fermented foods. As a nutritionist, I have to admit that I was a bit late in the game in adding fermented foods into my diet. I knew they were good for me but I wasn’t exactly sure how to make them a habit.

10 Things you need to know before your next cleanse

In a world where contact with additives, preservatives, and toxic chemicals can be a daily occurrence, seasonal cleansing can assist in the removal of the burdensome toxic chemicals from our lifestyle. There are so many different methods of cleansing, some of which can be helpful and some harmful!

6 Immune Boosting Tips to Give the Flu the Cold Shoulder.

I love the fall season. The colorful trees, leaves everywhere. Turkey dinners and fresh outdoor hikes. However the shorter, greyer, colder days mean the beginning of the cold and flu season. As an herbalist and a mom, I know that prevention is key and that means preparing our bodies for optimal health, so that our immune systems are ready for whatever might come our way.

Fermentation Methods and the Best Fermented Foods

Microbes have been with us since long before the dawn of humankind. Bacteria and fungi (yeasts and moulds) are so instrumental to our health and evolution that they can be considered as an essential precursor and support for our very existence. Even in our modern world, these microbes continue to have a profound effect on: the foods we eat; how we preserve food; and the improved nutrition available to us from fermented foods.

Why Fermented Foods: Breaking Down the Benefits.

Fermentation uses microbes to alter the chemistry of the food to make them less susceptible to damage. Friendly yeasts and bacteria begin the process of digesting the sugars within the foods, creating acids that prevent spoilage from non-probiotic microbes.

Greens: 5 Reasons Why Your Mom was Right

You’ve heard of the numerous health benefits of green foods over the years, likely beginning with your mom when you were little. Greens aren’t a new fad or even an “optional” food group, but the incredible range of micronutrients contained within make them essential when it comes to good health.