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5 benefits of self care

By now we’re all familiar with the wellness industry's favourite term; self-care. And while, yes, some may say it’s become cliche, there are many proven benefits to practicing self-care.

Leafy greens – 8 creative ways to get more in your diet

When it comes to supporting and maintaining good health, it is hard to discredit the immense value of a diet abundant in vegetables. Vegetables are so beneficial that they are now the most promoted food category in the Canada Food Guide, a position once held by grains and cereal products, with the highest number of daily food servings for all ages and genders recommended to come from produce.

The best brain nutrients you need to be eating

Brain health is big these days. And helping your noggin with nutrition is on many people’s … minds.   There are so many nutrients that you need: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and essential fats, just to name a few. It is confusing, and can be downright frustrating to know what you actually need.   So, which...

A gut feeling: The gut-brain connection

Your gut garden Your gut microbiome is like a lush tropical garden home to trillions of microbes, comprising approximately 1800 different phyla and 40,000 bacterial species—this is 1.3 to 10 times the number of human cells! The various species of bacteria, your microbiota, interact with the rest of your body and affect how your body...

Brainy elixirs: a flight of afternoon energy

It’s that time of day again: the mid-afternoon crash. Clients often ask if I’ve ever had a client who felt like they hit a wall at 3 or 4 pm. They feel like they’re alone but I see it all the time.These are our blood sugar roller coaster clients, as I lovingly call them. They’ve had a stressful, busy morning, forgot to eat lunch (or had something less than stellar in a rush) and are now crashing.

Brainy breakfast shake – Blueberry Basil Smoothie

Blueberries and basil go together like “mmmm” were the words of Tatianna, our Neuro-Chef who created this recipe, as she made two emphatic thumbs up signs. I chuckled, then took a sip from the mason jar glass she handed me—and went “mmmmmmm!!!!”

Supplement confusion: Which one is right for you: Herbal Tincture, Phytocap or Ferment?

Herbal medicine comes in many forms; depending upon the unique delivery system of each product, you will receive more benefit from the contents contained within. How do you choose the most ideal product for your specific needs? When do you choose a tincture versus a liquid phytocap versus a herbal ferment? Here are some considerations to assist with the decision making process.

Which is better for inflammation: Turmeric or Curcumin?

Walk into any health food store and you will likely find a ton of turmeric and curcumin products lining the shelves. While many know these products are related, there is a still a great deal of confusion over which one is best used to reduce inflammation.

Naturopath’s 6 best herbs for fighting inflammation

Inflammation is an essential aspect of our immune function. When there is damage to an area, from either trauma or infection, inflammation is triggered to clean up the mess and restore function to the area. Just as a car crash on city streets can temporarily interfere with traffic, local businesses, public safety, and more, local trauma can lead to pain, restricted movement, and reduced function in a tissue.