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Emulsification – Getting the most out of Omega 3

The significance of emulsified oil is now being studied in fish and flax seed oil preparations. One of the conclusions reached is that “Pre-emulsification of the oil prior to ingestion reduces droplet size and enables improved lipolysis resulting in significantly improved absorption”*

Get the Goods on Flax Seed Oil & Omega 3

The flax plant, Linum usitatissimum, is probably one of the most controversial foods when it comes to the essential fatty acid discussion. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore, here are four important facts about flax you need to know.

5 Need to Know Factors When Choosing Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are a hot topic these days with more natural health supplement options and more food companies adding it to products like dairy, eggs, baby food, bread, pasta, and even beverages. Companies continue to research the best sources, forms and processes to provide a pure, concentrated, easy to digest and highly absorbable form of Omega-3.

5 Proven Chronic Inflammation Beaters

“Inflammation is the silent killer” was a title first used by Time magazine back in February 2004. Many years later we continue to learn more about it and why lowering chronic inflammation is essential for good health.

6 Steps to Beat the Low Energy Blahs

Not sure how you’re going to make it through another busy day? Maybe you get a quick boost from your morning coffee but then fall prey to the afternoon slump and reach for something sweet or grab an energy drink to keep you going.

Cleanses: Get the Help and Skip the Harm

There are so many different natural cleanse kits and programs to choose from, it can be a highly confusing subject, especially if you haven’t studied natural health and have little time to read books or surf the web for credible information.

Greens: 5 Reasons Why Your Mom was Right

You’ve heard of the numerous health benefits of green foods over the years, likely beginning with your mom when you were little. Greens aren’t a new fad or even an “optional” food group, but the incredible range of micronutrients contained within make them essential when it comes to good health.

Healthy Gut, Happy Body

The microbiome. It's a hot topic these days. The link between our gut microbiome and the health of the rest of our body is becoming increasingly clear and it holds promise for the future of medicine.

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

We are now well into the winter months and perhaps feeling a little sluggish, moody or even depressed. Less sunlight and shorter daytime hours often keep our melatonin production higher and our serotonin levels low. So it’s natural to feel a little more tired and less energetic, but there are definitely things that we can...