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A Day of Fermented Foods

I love love love fermented foods. As a nutritionist, I have to admit that I was a bit late in the game in adding fermented foods into my diet. I knew they were good for me but I wasn’t exactly sure how to make them a habit.

Best Herbs to Boost Your Energy

Sometimes the demands of a busy life require immediate and additionial support to get through the week. Prevention is always the best medicine – using daily tonics and adaptogens to build ones reserves is a good approach

How to add more omega-3 to your diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential, healthy fats you need in your diet every day. This is one nutrient that doctors and researchers agree on – omega-3 is one of the most essential nutrients people require daily. It benefits your heart, regulates cholesterol, and has even been proven to affect a child’s learning behaviour.   Omega-3s...

10 Things you need to know before your next cleanse

In a world where contact with additives, preservatives, and toxic chemicals can be a daily occurrence, seasonal cleansing can assist in the removal of the burdensome toxic chemicals from our lifestyle. There are so many different methods of cleansing, some of which can be helpful and some harmful!