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What makes the best herbal supplement? 6 essential questions to ask

When looking for a therapeutic benefit from herbal medicine, herb quality truly matters. Like with any product, herbal remedies in the marketplace vary quite a bit. There are many steps involved in creating a pure, potent and effective herbal product. In order to ensure you’re getting good quality, here are 6 great questions to ask when shopping around.

Best herbs for weight loss

Botanica’s clinical herbalist, Charity Parkinson, shares her 5 favourite herbs for weight management Weight management and weight loss may be top of the list as goals for many of us this year. The truth is, there are different ways to get there, since one size does not fit all. The theory that if calories taken...

Olive Leaf: Its Benefits and How to Best Use It.

We all know about olive trees, which provide us with olives and olive oil, both staples in many kitchens. But it turns out the olive tree has even more to offer – in the form of the simple olive leaf. Therapeutic value studies of olive leaves show that they have a very high ORAC (oxygen...

7 Natural Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

The holiday season is a time to spend time with family and friends, an opportunity to give thanks for the fruits of the year and review our blessings. For many however it can also be a time of overindulgence, late nights and sluggish days, which often lead to anxiety, coupled with stress and sleepless nights.

How to Beat that Cold or Flu Before it Beats You.

At this time of year, when it comes to the cold and flu, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. While no one manages to completely escape the occasional bout of seasonal illness, many are able to drastically reduce the frequency, severity and duration of the common cold or flu.

Why We’re Friends with Friend of the Sea.

For those concerned, like Botanica, with sustainable fishing practices and agriculture techniques, Friend of the Sea (FOTS) Certification is a name to remember. Initially founded as a project under the NGO, Earth Island Institute, FOTS was launched in 2006 by director Paolo Bray, the man behind the and – projects focused on reducing dolphin mortality within the tuna fishing industry.

6 Immune Boosting Tips to Give the Flu the Cold Shoulder.

I love the fall season. The colorful trees, leaves everywhere. Turkey dinners and fresh outdoor hikes. However the shorter, greyer, colder days mean the beginning of the cold and flu season. As an herbalist and a mom, I know that prevention is key and that means preparing our bodies for optimal health, so that our immune systems are ready for whatever might come our way.

Problems Sleeping? 5 Herbs to Help You Sleep Tight.

Sleep is a big issue in society today. But too many reach too quickly for sleeping pill medications to solve sleep issues without realizing that these can inadvertently create other issues, including physical and psychological dependency, and harsh withdrawal symptoms. But there is another way. Mother nature's plant medicines offer effective and non habit forming solutions for those sleepless nights.

Why We Need sleep. And Natural Lifestyle Tips to Sleep Better.

A sound sleep is something many of us take for granted, until a couple nights of compounding sleeplessness sets in, affecting our decision making ability, thinking capacity and energy during our waking hours. An occasional restless sleep is tolerable and perhaps even serves a higher purpose to illuminate areas in our lives needing more attention....